Modern-Day Chivalry Rules

Women may complain that “chivalry is dead”, but it is not just because men use gender equality as an lame excuse for not treating their women with gallantry. There are times that men think they are treating their ladies the right way, but in reality (and considering this day and age), the women think it […]

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Getting Back With Your Ex

For people who have been out of love, getting into another relationship might be something that they ponder about many times. But it may not be as easy to do as they think. The challenges of meeting a new partner for a relationship come with different things to consider. Even some people yearning for a […]

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How Negative Body Image Affects Young Men

We all know by now how girls face immense pressure to look a certain way, whether it is from the media or each other. A research from NYU’s Child Study Center suggests that girls as early as age nine become aware of how physical appearance affects how they are perceived, and received, by others. But […]

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Getting Back Up After A Heartbreak

It is not easy for people to experience heartbreak. It can lead to serious depression, emotional strain, insecurity and extreme feelings of loneliness for some people. Getting back up may be an arduous climb most of the time. But it is not impossible getting your life back after such an emotional experience like heartbreak. Here […]

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Rules on Breaking Up

Breakups are not pleasant, both for the “dumper” and the “dumpee.” But there are ways to make severing romantic relationships successful, in a way that both parties go through the process without bruised egos. According to columnist Mish Way, breakups are just that: an ego bruise. Whether the breakup took you by surprise or that […]

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