Dating Tips for Jewish Singles

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter dating tip; the best dating advice can depend on a person’s background. Jewish singles, for instance, has a slightly different dating culture than others (and that can also be said on singles of other ethnicities and religions). For Jewish people, dating is a way of looking for a prospective spouse who can become a great home partner. Here are some helpful tips, provided by an online Jewish dating service, on making the dating experience less awkward and more pleasant.

The guys should call – In a society that has become accustomed to short communication like in text messages, a more formal and polite invitation is still the way to go. The guy should call his date by telephone or in person, introduce himself, and arrange a time and meeting place for their date. Consider some factors such as travel, convenience, and safety. It should also be discussed whether the date should include a dinner and would she like to have at least a drink.

Guys should plan the date – Even in this modern age, men should plan the date. Women would appreciate a man who knows where to take her on their date as it shows confidence and foresight.

Keep the date just right – First dates should be about 90 to 120 minutes. Do not go into the date assuming that you will meet again, but its does get over the awkwardness of meeting a stranger.

Never be late – Just like in everything else, promptness is much appreciated.

Turn off the phone and other devices – Be unreachable for a couple of hours and focus on your date. There are exemptions, of course, such as doctors.

Reflect your interest through body language – Look at your date in the eye as they speak. Even if you are not interested for a second date, a show of interest does not hurt.

Be clean – Go on a date with clean teeth, hair, body, and clothing. This shows how you care about yourself and the people who are nearby.

Ask for a mentor – When in doubt about dating protocols, ask a mentor like a trusted older relative or a friend to avoid faux pas. In the end, courtesy and common sense can go a long way.

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