Dating Tips for the Unemployed

One of the challenges in relationships is keeping your dating life romantic, but if you are unemployed in this harsh financial times, the burden seems to feel much heavier. Leading relationship expert Brandon Wade says that the unemployed should not wallow in self-pity and instead use this down time as an opportunity to drastically change your love life.

Be a “sugar baby” – If you have good looks, make it work for you. Try registering in free dating sites that connects sugar daddies to ladies looking for rich men, or join fellow singles who sell their first dates on auction. These niche online dating sites enable you to find generous and wealthy people who are willing to pay you for a date. It is also a good opportunity to network with executives of Fortune 1000 companies and establish rapport with them for potential employment.

Improve yourself – It is important to remain in a positive attitude even when unemployed. If you are out of shape, find time to create a workout schedule and stick to it. If you are unhealthy, switch to eating healthy. Occupy your time with improving your self and turning the old you into a more attractive you.

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