Insights On Still Being Single

You’ve been through a lot in life and you’ve had your ups and downs. Through the years, you’ve been there and you’ve done that. But at the end of the day, after all these things, you realize one day that you are still single.

Being single is something that people may consider a blessing. But there are also some who may consider it as a curse. Being single after all these years and how you may feel about it is a matter of perception. You can either feel happy that you still have the freedom to do what you do or, you might feel down and alone for not having someone to share your experiences with.

People who are happy with their single blessedness and the way they currently live their life by their own choices are in a great situation. They are where they want to be exactly and are quite fine with the consequences. But it is those that are not quite comfortable being still single that is a matter of concern.

With the way love and relationships are romanticized in the world we live in, it is not hard for people to envy others who are in love and into relationships. It can get quite frustrating for others to discover that everybody else they know are into different kinds of romantic relationships, except them. But why are some people still helplessly single? Let us count the ways.

Some people remain single simply because they make it hard for others to approach them. The opposite sex usually try to take on cues and signals from others to determine if they can make the right approach, strike up a conversation and leave things to develop further. The thing is, most of the long-suffering singles out there are most likely the ones who are deemed hard to approach.

It is sad that some singles may not always be aware that they exude this aura of being unapproachable. They also go to bars and clubs to hang out and meet up with people. But it seems that they fail at this time and time again. At such cases, it may be the attitude that may be at fault. You go to a bar, order a drink and give a sigh of relief (or is it a heave of hopelessness?). Even if you do your best, chances are that people will leave you on your own to meddle with your own affairs and cease to bother you. That is because that is the signal that you are trying to give out- that you just do not want to be disturbed.

But if you go inside a bar, order a drink and give out a positive and smiling aura that you share with everyone in the room, then people will get it. They become interested in you. Some would want to know more about you. Then they begin to approach. Sometimes, remaining single is not just about the situation. It is also about the attitude.
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