Would You Tell A Date If Youre Diabetic

One of the common concerns of people going on a first date is what the other person may think about them. Insecurity about something can cause some people to lie to their date about themselves. And if you are a suffering diabetic, it may be reason for you to do so when going on dating.

Some people might think that keeping silent about diabetes may be a good idea. After all, some people who do not know about the condition would certainly not think about it. No harm done, right? But for the diabetic, it may actually be quite a risk to take.

There are many things that can happen during a date. And for a diabetic, this might be more serious than others might think. On a date with a partner who may be unaware, the surprise upon finding out can do more harm actually than good. The situations where this might happen may actually be more common.

For instance, a dinner at a restaurant may be quite a normal way to enjoy a normal date. But for a diabetic, it can be risky. Diabetics usually need to follow a meal plan in order to manage their sometimes delicate condition of balancing sugar levels. Eating dinner at a normal restaurant may affect this balance. Not telling a date about the condition can even worsen the situation.

For some diabetics, glucose testing and self-injections may be part of the daily ritual. When you don’t tell your date about your condition, then you might need to excuse yourself and go some place to administer the test or injection without the others knowing. But it can also lead your date to become suspicious and you need to lie more and more just to hide it.

If your date requires some form of activity, you might be at greater risk since you may have a greater chance of getting low blood sugar levels. With your date unaware of your condition, the outing can easily get from memorable to a nightmare in a matter of minutes. That is all because you try to hide from your date that you are a diabetic. It would always be a better choice to be honest and upfront about your condition. It will be for your safety and your date has the right to know at the very first instance.
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