Reasons You Are Still Single

There are people who are happily into relationships and there are others who are happy bring single. But then again, there are also a group of people who are still unhappily single. Even after all these years of looking out for someone, they unfortunately have not been able to do so. And there are several possible reasons why. Here are just some of them.

Unrealistic Ideals

There are people who remain single simply because they have types or ideal partners that are just not that realistic. Some people want no less than a supermodel for a girlfriend. Some would want Brad Pitt, or someone close to be their partner for life. Although people can always hope, it is very unrealistic if it is the only benchmark or ideal. Not only are these ideals unrealistic for many people, they are always recipes for becoming single for a long, long time.

Too Negative

Some people can become too negative that it affects their own chances of meeting someone. Even if they dress nice, put on their best effort in looking good, the negativity eventually shows. If you have gone through your share of negative experiences with dating, it will be understandable that you are feeling negative about a new date. But if you make the negativity overcome you on your latest date, then you may just ruin it before anything good comes out of it. It may be a good reason that you are still single.

Attracted To The Wrong Types

There are some people who seem to be attracted to the wrong types. There are those who find bad boys irresistible. There are those who are attracted to the type of people who have placed relationships the least of their priorities. Some people may be attracted to such types because they have this belief that they can control and change the other person for the better. But this is not always the case. It usually results in failed relationships that never last and keep some people single.

Too Open

There are also some people who like to share everything about their lives, even on the first few dates. Becoming too open is not always a good idea. Sure, a date may want to know more about you. But you should try to limit what you share on the few dates you have. The air of mystery is lost if you are too open, too soon. A date may suddenly lose interest because they feel that they already know everything about you. may also be a reason why you still remain single.
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