Reasons For Staying Single

There are people who cherish singlehood not because they want to be sad and lonely but because it offers them the type of life that they want to live. There are many good reasons why people like to stay single.

“I have total control over my time.”

People in a relationship or in a marriage do not have this luxury. How many times have you heard couples and married men and women complain about not having enough time to do what they love to do. Aside from their jobs, they also need to spend time with a partner, spouse or with the kids. It limits the time they can spend on things that matter to them personally. Single people can make their own schedules of what they like to do in life. They can take up a hobby, be with friends, take a trip to other countries or take classes for career advancement. People in a marriage or a relationship do not enjoy such a luxury.

“I like the independence and the freedom.”

You only need to remember the fun that you had when you were young to understand why some people like to stay single. Single people love the independence and the freedom to do what they want. They have no spouse to tell them what to do or kids to worry about. They enjoy the notion that they dictate their lives. The independence they enjoy also allows them to become more well-rounded as an individual. By not depending on others, single men learn how to cook, do the dishes and do all the decorating and cleaning at home. They learn some skills that they would not otherwise be able to do if they were married or with a

“I have total control over what I earn.”

Money is a big issue in relationships. Couples can fight over it. It can sometimes put a strain to the relationship. Single people do not have to deal with such issues. Staying single means you have total control over your money and how you spend it. You can spend it all on yourself and not feel guilty about it. You do not have someone who will tell you what to do with your money. And if you are foolish with it, others need not bear the consequences. It might sound a bit selfish, but that is a main reason why some people prefer to be single.

“I have less emotional baggage to deal with.”

Even long-term relationships do not guarantee happiness and harmony all the time. There are conflicts and disagreements that can come with them. People also need to live with a partner who may be a polar opposite. They need to take in both the good and the bad in this situation. They can cause emotional strain in some people. Single people need not concern themselves with these issues. They only need to live with their own disgusting habits. They need not worry about another person’s feelings. There is less emotional baggage at home since you do not have to deal with issues affecting the kids or your spouse when you get home. In a way, singles feel more relaxed and calm at home.
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